Apr 14
By suggesting that the chief culprit for women’s inferior earnings is discriminatory pay, the 77-cent figure lets too many men off the hook, not forcing them to confront their culpability as bosses who care too little for women’s advancement, as husbands who prioritize their own careers and as fathers who don’t participate fully around the house.
- Women’s Unequal Lot, NY Times

Apr 10
David Wolman pointed out that Bitcoin could simply be one part of a rainbow of currencies, and didn’t need to become dominant to be successful. This view seems correct to me: it’s an anachronism of Industrial-era thinking that any single currency has to be the “dominant one,” and replace what went before it.
- Notes on a Digital Money Unconference

Apr 4
I guess this is why I tend to associate with non-competitive jams. I view a game jam as an event where I can explore something I haven’t explored before (be it a technology or an idea), work with people I’ve never worked with before, and try to create something with those new friends. Adding a competitive element to a game jam adds this extra component that each development team needs to worry about - and it just feels wrong to me. It feels wrong to pit developers against one another, and it feels wrong to ask developers to compromise their game for the sake of “winning”. Game jams should be the one place where you shouldn’t have to worry about compromising your vision. It should be a safe space in all senses of the word. It should be a place that you as a person feel safe as well as you as a developer.
- Let’s Talk about Accountability

Apr 3
“They” will not build a big umbrella that will reflect all that excess sun back into space; “they” will not compress and suck all that carbon underground; “they” will not release the secret plans for nuclear fusion “they’ve” been hiding.
- The Aliens Have Landed

Mar 28

What’s the perfect artist to set the mood for the upcoming space-themed whiskey party? (via: The Future of Listening to Music)

You’ll find that the answer is David Bowie. Streaming services have it easy. 

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