Mu and being told to introduce yourself as Canadian

When we're in other countries and meeting new people my partner - who is American - is regularly jokingly recommended to introduce herself as Canadian by the person she's meeting »

Mustachianism, Environmentalism, Me, and Us

This post was originally published on UnevenEarth, a fantastic publication just getting off the ground trying to disect environmental news. Two years ago a friend tweeted this article from the »

A Goodreads Alternative

Goodreads lets me do a couple of things I like - easy tracking of the books I read - but Goodreads implementation of a social network is lacking, and probably »

Missed questions for Julie Zhuo, Product Design Lead at Facebook.

Designer News recently got a chance to grill Facebook's Product Design Lead with some hard questions. Sadly, none of the questions that got answered seemed overly concerned with hard topics »

Doing Violence to a Person's Privacy

Recently I was in an IRC chat room where the conversation turned to harassment. Some folks had infiltrated the chatroom and were using bots to log the conversation. Ostensibly the »