Jul 23

There will come a day when we attain representation and fair treatment as a rule rather than an exception, but until then, we need to let our peers know when and where they will be safe and appreciated. If tech wants to continue to advance scientifically and economically at its historical rate, it will need to advance culturally first. We are supposed to be the cutting edge, after all.

"Females" in Open Source

A series of really well written articles in this Model View Culture issue on Open Source. Super excited about this magazine, and so happy it is happening. 

Jul 22
98% of people have strong, unconcious biases. The other 2% are lying.
- Refactoring the Mirrortocracy

Jul 18
Israelis in Sderot recently gathered with popcorn and plastic chairs to cheer missile bombardments across the border. In the divide between the world of order and the world of disorder, it seems, there are plenty of disorders to go around.
- Burn Before Reading (on Thomas Friedman and Israel), The Jacobian

Jul 6

Jun 28
The truth is, one of the problems in talking about this stuff is that saying “women and men are the same” is not the same as saying “women and men are equal.” Equality is not predicated on absolute likeness, nor should it be. Asserting that women and men are equal speaks to there being no fundamental differences between their capacities to learn and achieve, to their deserving the same pay for the same work and the same right to vote and the same opportunities. Women and men don’t have to be the same to achieve equality, and they are not. We’re different—and there’s nothing wrong with saying so, unless it’s used as an excuse for the perpetuation of inequality. Indeed, I would argue that substituting “sameness” for “equality” actually undermines our ability to celebrate our respective strengths and how they can complement each other to the betterment of us all.
- Angry Men, Searching Men - And What They can Learn from Girls and Queers.

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