Aug 22

In this culture we are socialized to believe that really important people have a right to be self-absorbed, to think their needs and concerns are more important than others’.

Third World Diva Girls, Yearning. bell hooks


Aug 19

On Traveling (Part 2)

After I published my first post on traveling1, I got some feedback, thoughts, and questions from a couple of people who read it. I decided it was only fair to them and myself if I properly conveyed the conversations we had as a result, while also giving me more of an elaborate way to respond to these comments.

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Aug 13
A lot of them tried to tell themselves they were still punk as fuck, but it’s hard to morally reconcile the thing where you listen to Fugazi on the way to your job where you help find new ways to trick people into giving up their data to advertisers. Most people don’t even bother. They just compartmentalize.
- Everyone I Know is Brokenhearted

Aug 9

Diversity of the cultural ecology is a desirable state of affairs, especially in opposition to the accelerating trend toward the uniform digitalization of all sensory experience, wherein an electronic “reader” stands between experience and observation, and all manifestation is encoded identically.

Wabi-Sabi, Leanord Koren

It is shocking how homogenous pop-design has become on our screen. There is certainly interesting stuff happening, but those fall more within the sphere of art than of design, and it makes me wonder. 

Jul 23

There will come a day when we attain representation and fair treatment as a rule rather than an exception, but until then, we need to let our peers know when and where they will be safe and appreciated. If tech wants to continue to advance scientifically and economically at its historical rate, it will need to advance culturally first. We are supposed to be the cutting edge, after all.

"Females" in Open Source

A series of really well written articles in this Model View Culture issue on Open Source. Super excited about this magazine, and so happy it is happening. 

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